Partnership Agreement

This document is a translation of original text of the Partnership agreement Terms into English. You agree that this translation is given only for your comfort and your relations with the Crypto Brain are regulated in obedience to the English version. The English version of the Partnership agreement Terms is а priority in all possible cases.This Partnership agreement (hereinafter- Partnership agreement) is a basis for participating at the Crypto Brain Platform. Partnership agreement includes terms of use of the Crypto Brain website, terms of use the Crypto Brain services, and regulates relations between the participants of the Crypto Brain Platform.Present Partnership agreement is signed when a new participant joins the platform after passing the registration. The terms of This Partnership agreement are accepted by the participant fully, without any reservation, in the same format as present Partnership agreement is expounded on the Crypto Brain website and given for an acquaintance and acceptance by the Participant at passing the registration.If you (User) do not agree with current rules and terms, do not use services of this website and do not call on the attended pages of the real website.

  1. 1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Partner, User – Internet user, including users of present website, users of a sane mind with the status of full civil capacity according to the legal norms; older than 18 (eighteen) years; and for citizens of the following countries: Canada, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, The Northwest Territories, Yukon; United States: Alabama, Wyoming, Nebraska. South Korea, – older than 19 (nineteen) years of age; for citizens of the following countries: Taiwan, Tunisia, Japan, – older than twenty (20) years of age; for citizens of the following countries: Bahrain, Guinea, Honduras, Egypt, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Madagascar, Monaco, Singapore, United States: Mississippi, Puerto Rico, New York, Chad – older than 21 (twenty-one) years of age; and acting consciously and willingly using the Crypto Brain platform understands the rights and assumes obligations straight implied, and also those stated in the partnership agreement.

1.2. Company, Platform, cryptoBrain  – Crypto Brain #Fernwood House, Fernwood Road Jesmond Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Near NE2 1TJ, United Kingdom.

1.3. Website is the Internet resource, containing information and intellectual property from information system (including computer programs, database, graphic registration of interface (design), etc), access to which is provided from different user devices connected to the Internet, by means of special software for websites viewing (browser) of addresses (including domains of the next levels related to these addresses) or Mobile applications.

1.4. Partnership agreement – this agreement, Terms of placing announcements and other rules and documents, regulating work of Trade Platform or dividing the rules of Service use, published on the website.

1.5. Services are functional possibilities, services, instruments accessible for Trade Platforms Partners.

  1. 2. General conditions

2.1. The Crypto Brain confides the Partner to carry out advertising, consultative and informative activity, with the purpose of popularization of the Crypto Brain and increase sales of products.

2.2. The partner serves clients and partners of the Crypto Brain, which became such as a result of advertising, consultative and informative activity, gets a reward as a honorarium.

2.3. The partner can create and manage structures, and get reward for this according to a quarry stair is the Appendix 1, being inalienable part of official agreement.

2.4. The partner cannot take the means of payment over a client, if only he is not authorized for this purpose outside Crypto Brain. All payments are done by bank transfer and electronic payment systems – partners of the Crypto Brain.

2.5. The Crypto Brain processes all data of clients automatically. The Crypto Brain can provide information regarding the Partner and his clients to the third persons only in statutory cases.

2.6. The partner saves all information, regarding clients and partners of the Crypto Brain, in a secret both in the period of action of this agreement and after it ends.2.7. The partner has no authority to contract and give statements on behalf of Crypto Brain, and also to conclude other transactions with the clients of Crypto Brain, without his written consent.

  1. 3. Obligations of the Partner on work with clients

3.1. The partner acquaints the clients of The Crypto Brain with activity of company and related risks conditioned by vibrations on financial markets, within the framework of individual necessities of client.

3.2. The partner cannot use the aggressive methods of distribution, and also to give false and inexact information to the clients in regard to Crypto Brain.

3.3. The partner immediately passes to the Crypto Brain all important notes of clients that touch business of theCrypto Brain.

3.4. The Parnter must let clients to make decisions by themselves.

3.5. The Partner is forbidden to give promises regarding the revenue.

The Partner also has:

3.6. To carry out the activity independently due to the personal funds and on the risk, covering all necessary charges (except for the condition of p.17. 6. In this Agreement).

3.7. Systematically to conduct work on a selection, educating, preparation of new consultants. To organize for them educating as realization of the specialized thematic conversations, lectures, seminars etc. To assist in their internship under the direction of more experience specialists and consultants, render to them a permanent help and support in development of independent activity.

3.8. To organize work of direct lower-level Partners in accordance with their qualifying requirements.

3.9. In case of occurring of some contingences negatively influencing on activity or reputation of the Crypto Brain, immediately to inform of these facts the direct higher Partner and administration of the Crypto Brain in writing.

3.10. To take part in all obligatory events, organized Crypto Brain, especially related to in-plant training of the Partner.

3.11. To pass educating on the specialized and qualifying seminars, organized by The Crypto Brain at advancement of the Partner on a quarry stair. Not to apply in administration of The Crypto Brain on questions of transition from one management in other, or on questions of replacement of direct higher Partner on other.

3.12. Independently to determine the location, time and volume of the activity envisaged by this Agreement.

3.13. If necessary, through the leader of the structure, in writing to bring in suggestion on the increase the Crypto Brain’s activity efficiency.

Information provided by the User and his actions on the Crypto Brain Platform shall not:

  1. be false, inaccurate or misleading;
  2. facilitate fraud, deception or abuse of confidence;
  3. lead to transactions with stolen or counterfeit items;
  4. violate or encroach on the property of a third party, his Crypto Brainsecrets, or his right to privacy of a private life;
  5. contain information insulting someone’s honor, dignity or business reputation;
  6. contain libel or threats to anyone;
  7. urge them to commit crimes and incite ethnic hatred;
  8. promote, maintain or to call for terrorist and extremist activities;
  9. be obscene, or be in the nature of pornography;
  10. contain computer viruses and other computer programs, in particular, for damage, unauthorized intrusion, secret interception or misappropriation of the data of any system or the system itself, or any part thereof, or personal information or other data (including the Crypto BrainPlatform data);
  11. harm the Crypto BrainPlatform and also to cause full or partial loss of The Crypto BrainPlatform service providers, the Internet, or services of any other persons;
  12. contain advertising of other products;
  13. infringe rights of third parties, image rights of the citizen, and other rights of third parties;
  14. otherwise violate the applicable law.
  15. It is forbidden for theuser to place Announcements on the Crypto BrainPlatform, to accomplish or carry out a transaction with the use of Services of the Crypto BrainPlatform, that can result in violation of The Crypto Brain Platform and/or by User of current legislation of User or Company’s current legislation.
  16. The user guarantees independent reimbursement of losses and damage, caused to The Crypto BrainPlatformbecause of producing of money or another requirement by the third person, following from the use of services of the Crypto BrainPlatform, except for the cases when such damage arose up because of guilty (intentional or careless) act of the Crypto Brain Platform.
  17. Duty on a calculation and tax and another payments, following from the use of exchange services of The Crypto BrainPlatform lies on the User.
  18. A right for the use of services belongs to the User personally. The user is not right to render to the third persons services (both on retribution and on gratuitous basis) in the exchange of units of the electronic payment systems, based on the use to them services of the Crypto BrainPlatform. The User is obligated not to violate authorial and contiguous rights on content of website of service of The Crypto BrainPlatform acknowledging that such rights are guarded by the law. Users are obligated not to falsify the of communication streams used by the Crypto Brain Platform services.
  19. The user is obligated by the actions not to violate the legislatively set norms and rules.

The following is strictly forbidden for the User:

  1. Reselling or gratuitous transmission of account to other person forbidden (the primordial proprietor of account can manage him at any time, because an account is tied to the mailing address of holder that cannot be changed).
  2. Bringing in of the falsified Users is forbidden.
  3. Registration of several accounts is strictly forbidden.
  4. Promising or ensuring income only for the fact of its registration is forbidden on the Platform.
  5. Threats, persuasions of persistent character against will man, pursuit are forbidden.
  6. All found out violators of any of rules of this User agreement (including accomplishing any attempts, encroachments, encroaching upon violations) will be excluded from the Platform permanently, on all time of existence of the Platform without warning. Thus structure of violator will be without a sponsor.
  7. The Crypto Brainplatform of has a right in the one-sided order to give up execution of this User agreement in regard to the Participant, on default to them, any point of this User agreement.
  8. Reputation of the Platform is the value of Executives and plays a qualificatory role in the Platform’s activity, and Executives and Company carry out maximally loyal activity, for maintenance of positive reputation of the Platform.

Participants have a right:

  1. To provide information to other people in an order to bring over them to participating in the Crypto BrainPlatform.
  2. To create the own web sites, pages in social networks, to blog and place on them information about the Platform for bringing in of new members in the Platform, and using for such aims any without limitations resources of network the Internet, if another is not envisaged by the current User’s country legislation.
  3. To direct recommendations for the service system improvement in client service.
  4. To produce informing of separate adult persons and groups of persons, including associations of persons on interests, with the purpose of bringing in of them to participating in the Platform.
  5. To direct in the Crypto BrainPlatform system suggestions, wishes and reviews with the purpose of improvement of work of service of the system Platform Crypto Brain. This possibility is given on the page: reviews.
  6. To get sponsorship from The Crypto BrainCompany for opening and further development of consultative clubs in a size and on the terms given by the Company, more detailed on the page: club.
  7. 4. Reward and career advancement

4.1. The reward of the Partner depends on his Partner status occupied to them in the quarry stair of company. Founding for the count of reward it is been sum of his personal investments in a company or volume of the Partner’s sales and his structure.

The reward of the Partner is formed

— from personal investments of the client invited by the Partner,

— from gained profit that is charged extra coming from brief-cases open for the invited clients.

4.2. Every Partner through the personal cabinet gets information about all Crypto Brain products, sold as a result of its advertisement and consultative activity, and also its structure.

The partner is right to express objections from given data in a flow 5 calendar days in the Crypto Brain address.

4.3. A relation between corresponding Partner and his employees, being under his Executives, is determined in accordance with a quarry stair, ratified by The Crypto Brain is an appendix 1 and appendix.

4.4. Payment of reward of every Partner is produced in a flow not later 3-5 working days, after filing of an application.

4.5. All rewards of the Partner are counted up in accordance with a quarry stair is an appendix 1 and appendix

2.4.6. At introduction of new products, the Partner of the Crypto Brain will be additionally informed in relation to rates in a quarry stair.

4.7. Rewards, which the Partner gets from the employees, lower-level leaders, make a difference between the coefficient of profitableness of the Partner according to his Partner status and coefficient of profitableness of his employee, lower-level leader is an appendix 1.

4.8. If lower-level Partner will annul contractual relations with Crypto Brain, then maintenance of the structure created by him, higher corresponding Partner undertakes directly. The conformable re-calculation of rewards is produced.

4.9. Under reaching status of Metropolis in the quarry stair of Crypto Brain, the Partner has a right after to open the Crypto Brain club, after the receipt of his written consent and to get the partial refinancing.

  1. 5. Advertisement

The Crypto Brain allows to conduct advertisement activity with the purpose of advancement of company in the press, on radio, television and internet without limitations.

  1. The Crypto Brain6. Representative clubs:

6.1. From the Crypto Brain’s writing permission Partners have a right to organize regional and structural interregional consultative clubs (The Crypto Brain clubs).

6.2. The Crypto Brain does not carry to property and legal accountability for work of consultative clubs on places and does not take part in-process with local administrative authorities.

  1. 7. In Bonus program

7.1. The Crypto Brain partner has a right to get additional money bonuses from The Crypto Brain according to the bonus program is an appendix 2. According to the terms of the program of bonuses Partner must personally or together with the structure to execute the volumes of sales necessary for implementation of terms of the bonus program. The Crypto Brain bonus program is appointed on the achievement of status subject to condition that all data are given in a profile.

7.2. Partner has a right to express objections on the bonus reward given to him in a flow 5 calendar days in an address Crypto Brain.

7.3. At introduction of new bonus rewards, the Crypto Brain Partner will be additionally informed of all innovations, and also all changes of touching the bonus program.

  1. 8. Terms of agreement

8.1. This agreement is established for an indefinite term.

8.2. This agreement can be stopped on a mutual agreement on the basis of preliminary notification month prior to it.

8.3. The Crypto Brain has a right to terminate the agreement without any notification in advance due to the following reasons:

8.4. The Partner violates current local and international laws.

8.5. The Partner compromises name of the Crypto Brain by his actions.

8.6. The Partner violates the terms of the agreement.

8.7. The Partner makes public and unpublic announcements in front of other partners, influencing the Crypto Brain’s image of.

8.8. There are no sales from the partner or his structures during more than 2 months.

8.9. If the Partner doesn’t give exact information regarding the level of risks of the Crypto Brain product or gives promises and predictions about any guaranteed income.

  1. 9. Moving away of User from the Platform can be caused:

9.1. By the cases of swindle at the use of the Platform software;

9.2. By well-proven attempts of breaking of program code or database of the Platform;

9.3. In case of violation of this User agreement, especially in case of the use of the Platform’s website or separate elements of the Platform’s website in other purposes, besides envisaged by this User agreement, access to the Platform’s website can be limited or blocked.

  1. 10. Responsibility of parties

10.1. The company in no measure does not bear responsibility for financial losses, and any other types of Platform Participant’s losses, constrained with the use of information presented on a web-site and participating in the Crypto Brain Platform.

10.2. Responsibility for failures and losses constrained with the use of information presented on a web-site and participating in the Crypto Brain Platform, Participant realizes and undertakes to a full degree.

10.3. The Crypto Brain Platform bears responsibility for exceptionally functioning of the Personal Cabinet of Participant of the Platform and execution of commissions of Participants within the framework of conditions of this Agreement.

10.4. The Crypto Brain Platform does not bear the responsibility for any violations, or limitation in work of payment systems of the partners used for direction of monetary resources on the Personal Accounts of Participants.

10.5. The Crypto Brain Platform does not bear responsibility for the change of cost of assets because of change of courses of currencies that takes place during implementation of transaction.

10.6. The Crypto Brain Platform does not bear responsibility for delays or failures in the process of operations, arising up because of act of providence, and also any case of defects in telecommunication, computer, electric and another contiguous systems.

  1. 11. Safety of monetary resources and safety of operations

11.1. Monetary resources can be translated from account only at presence of order (requests) from the User. Monetary resources of Users passed in the Crypto Brain Platform cannot be used in other aims.

11.2. The Crypto Brain platform reserves a right at any moment to check solvency of the User (and in case of necessity – and his personality) by means of the data given during registration.

11.3. The Crypto Brain Platform does not bear responsibility for none of services of giving services of automatic exchange of units of the electronic payment systems, additions to the accounts and payment of commodity on merchant websites, electronic payment systems.

11.4. The Crypto Brain platform doesn’t check a competence and legality of possession by the User of the facilities offered by the User to the exchange, and does not carry out a supervision after the operations of the User at any electronic payment systems.

11.5. The Crypto Brain Platform supports the electronic payment systems only, operations in that are irrevocable in accordance with the terms of maintenance of the corresponding system.

11.6. Any and every operation with participation the electronic payment systems is not subject to abolition from the moment of her completion are receipts by the User of being due to him on the before accepted terms of transaction.

11.7. The e-Payments systems bear the exceptional responsibility for facilities entrusted to them by Users, Company is not a side in an agreement between the system of e-Payments and its User and in no case does not carry to responsibility for the wrong or illegal use of the corresponding system, and also for abuse of functionality of this system. A mutual right and duties of e-Payments systems and the User are regulated by the rules and agreements, accepted in the corresponding system.

11.8. Return of facilities to the User or other Participant or person regardless of his role in the Platform is impossible, Participants understand essence and terms of this Agreement.

11.9. The platform and Company do not bear responsibility for receipt or unreceipt by the User of the expected profit.

11.10. The company and executives of the Platform do not bear responsibility for problems that can arise up in the used authorized payment systems, because is not a proprietor or joint owner of this payment system.

11.11. The courses of exchange are not published on the service website and not reported to the User in the moment of acceptance to them terms of exchange operation, that set accepted service from the User and given out by service to the User volumes of assets in the systems of e-Payments. The expenses constrained with the use of the electronic system of payments and envisaged by a corresponding bilateral agreement between the User and system are paid by the User.

  1. 12. Acceptance of Agreement by the User

12.1. This User Agreement inures from the moment of acceptance by the User, by means of mark about the acceptance of terms of Agreement, during registration, when a person ticks off under this User Agreement during registration on the Website. A person takes part in the Platform understanding risks of losses and possible profits.

12.2. The Platform is opened for any person including advising, but not limited to the requirements of this User Agreement, regardless the location of person or nationality, if participation is not forbidden by the laws of country of person.

12.3. The platform gives no guarantees of profit or assertions, obvious or implied, in regard to this software, vehicle facilities or documentation, including their quality, efficiency, commercial value, benefit or fitness for a certain aim.

12.4. The user agreement sets certain legal rights the stated in this Agreement. The user can have additional rights in accordance with the laws of the state or country of the User. This User agreement does not change the rights envisaged by the laws of the state or country of the User, if it is shut out by the laws of the state or country of the User.

12.5. Putting a mark about the acceptance of this User agreement, Participant confirms voluntarily registration in the Crypto Brain Platform and gratuitous gift of facilities to the Platform, as monetary resources, in chosen independently by Participant sums.

12.6. According to this User agreement, Gifts in a money equivalent, Participants which joined Platform with the same aims and understanding are given to other Participants; without some terms and obligations from the side of the Company.

12.7. The Participant renounces this User agreement in the future any claims on pursuit in area of civil, administrative or criminal law against Company, its Organizers and Participants, and also any other persons involved in realization of the Crypto Brain Platform.

12.8. The user agreement guarantees that between Participant of Platform and Crypto Brain Platform Company exists no other Agreements, Contracts or by another character concerted obligations, except this User agreement.

  1. 13. Disputes and legal relationships

13.1. In dispute resolution within this Partnership agreement the current Legislation of Marshall must be in force.

13.2. The company aims to settle any vexed questions or disagreements with Users by negotiations. Consequently, any arguments and disagreements will be first examined by the representatives of Platform or Executives, that will try to decide a question straight with the User. Any dispute that can not be decided by negotiations will be passed to the referendary appointed by both parties in writing. This Agreement is regulated by the legislation of Marshall.

13.3. Confession of separate parts of this User agreement does not abolish the action of other provisions of this User agreement invalid.

13.4. Parties agreed, that present of Partnership agreement is not an agent agreement, by the agreement of commission or guarantee on the legislation of country of any of Parties and does not entail the obligations, conditioned by the legislation of relatively agent agreement, agreement of commission or guarantee.

  1. 14. Personal data

14.1. The User’s personal data, the provision of which is required from the User during interaction, is securely stored in the electronic system of the Company, and shall be treated as confidential and protected. In accordance with the policy of the Company, customer information is disclosed to third parties not affiliated with and only with the consent of the User, or in accordance with the normative legal regulation. Personal data may include, but is not limited, a name, date of birth, e-mail, address, bank details, information about financial status, trading activity, past transactions, account balance, as well as the forms of data collection of the client information (“know your client”).

14.2. Use of Personal Information of the Service Participants.

14.3. The User agrees that the personal data given during his/her registration (phone, e-mail, country, etc.) will be processed by the system of the Crypto Brain Service.

14.4. The Crypto Brain Service has the right to inform users on mentioned contacts (e-mail mailing, sms-mailing, etc.).

14.5. Crypto Brain Service has the right to put comments on the Crypto Brain Website indicating contact details – username, country, name, last name, after the User´s comment is received by the Crypto Brain Service system.

14.6. Company protects user data in confidentiality.

Appendix 1.Statuses The company provides 5 statuses for investors:


 This Status is given to you as soon as you register an account.

Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
first line 3%first line 3%
second line 2%second line 1%
third line 1%third line 1%
Weekly limit for investment is $500 / Weekly withdrawal $300


his status is given when turnover of your structure has reached $5,000 or amount of your personal investment portfolio is $500.

Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
first line 7%first line 5%
second line 3%second line 3%
third line 1%third line 1%
Weekly limit for investment is $1000 / Weekly withdrawal $500


this status is given when turnover of your structure has reached $30,000 or amount of your personal investment portfolio is $3,000.

Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
first line 10%first line 7%
second line 3%second line 3%
third line 1%third line 3%
fourth line 1%fourth line 1%
fifth line 1%fifth line 1%
Weekly limit for investment is $3000 / Weekly withdrawal $1000


this status is given when turnover of your structure has reached $100,000 or amount of your personal investment portfolio is $10,000.

Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
first line 10%first line 8%
second line 5%second line 5%
third line 3%third line 3%
fourth line 3%fourth line 2%
fifth line 1%fifth line 1%
Weekly limit for investment is $5000 / Weekly withdrawal $2000


this status is given when turnover of your structure has reached $500,000 or amount of your personal investment portfolio is $30,000.

Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
first line 12%first line 10%
second line 5%second line 5%
third line 3%third line 3%
fourth line 3%fourth line 2%
fifth line 3%fifth line 1%
Weekly limit for investment is $7,000 / Weekly withdrawal $3,000


**Entry Business and Enterprise are the stand level.They are no additional income.
*******If you are White-collar and Founding you can get additional income:

*****White-collar:When the turnover of your structure reaches $500,000,You can get the team investment of 0.1%,and weekly withdrawal will add 1,000$—3,000$ depending on your situation.

*****Founding:When the turnover of your structure reaches $1000,000,You can get the team investment of 0.2%,and weekly withdrawal will add 1,000$—10,000$ depending on your situation.