Crypto Brain company is a team of professional financial managers, market traders and experienced developers who have joined forces to participate in exchange processes, for attracting and managing investment assets as well as popularization of Crypto-Currencies.
You can read more about Crypto Brain here.

Crypto Brain company provides:

  • - services in the field of asset trust management;
  • - conducting of trading activities using currency pairs btc/altcoins and usd/altcoins
  • - active promoting of unique Crypto-Currencies platform;
  • - training for beginners basics of successful and profitable trading.

Crypto Brain company was officially registered in UK, to familiarize yourself with the documents click here

Crypto-Currencies is a fundamentally new decentralized platform with open protocol for application of developers which has its own type of volatile cryptocurrency available for exchange trading, and thus for earnings. "What Bitcoin does for payments, Crypto-Currencies does for anything that can be programmed". You can read more about Crypto-Currencies here or download report.

Company traders are professionals with a positive trading results and more than five years of experience on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto Brain company was officially registered in UK, to familiarize yourself with the documents click here

To check detailed statistics of trade transactions as well as to get reports of traders click here. You can also order a report of the company financial activities for the last six months. This can be done in the "For investors" section.

To register Crypto-Currencies wallet download the latest version of MIST Wallet (for MacOS, Windows or Linux, depending on your operating system type). Run installation file and follow instructions, then select USE THE MAIN NETWORK, or use online service at

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can register on the company's website and use its services. To do this, you don't have to be financial expert or possess any knowledge about the basics of exchange trade and types of cryptocurrency.

To become a client you have to carefully read terms of cooperation and register personal account. The registration procedure is quick and free.

You can register only one account. In case of violation of this rule all your accounts will be blocked until clarification of circumstances.

Yes, your relatives can register personal accounts on the condition that they are not related by affiliate links.

Bitcoin account (wallet, address) - identificator (account number) which is started with 1 or 3 and contains 27-34 alphanumeric Latin characters. You can find it on the website, where you have previously registered as Bitcoin user.

For security reasons our users are not allowed to change payment details by themselves. To change this information in your account, contact customer support service.

You can do it yourself in account settings. If you encounter difficulties when you changing your account settings please contact customer support service.

If you can not login, first of all, check correctness of entered data: your login and password. If you have forgotten your password, use reset function to get a new one. To do this, follow this link and enter your email.

Your account will be automatically deleted after 6 months in the absence of activity or presence there of positive balance.

The company offers asset management services. This means that your investment will be involved in trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, and you will get a part of profit. In addition, you can become company partner and actively promote Crypto-Currencies platform and our asset management services to get extra reward.
You can read more about affiliate program here

Our asset management brings from 15% to 25% monthly profit with possibility to withdraw both profit and investment portfolio at any time.

Using a variety trading strategies allows us to make a profit regardless of the economic situation. We trade both the increase and decrease of the Crypto-Currencies rate. Your invested money is guaranteed and quickly multiplied thanks to the work of our professional traders.

At the moment you can invest and withdraw profits with Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies (soon). In the future we plan to expand the payment functionality by adding the most common payment methods.

You can become an investor with a portfolio of $10.

The maximum amount of investments not more than $30,000 depending on your status.

Depending on your status you can invest and withdraw a certain weekly amount. This is done for smooth development and efficient operation of asset management process.
The company provides 5 statuses for investors:

  • Newbie – weekly limit for investments is $500, withdrawal limit is $300.
  • Paddler – weekly limit for investments is $1,000, withdrawal limit is $500.
  • Backstroke – weekly limit for investments is $3,000, withdrawal limit is $1,000.
  • Diver – weekly limit for investments is $5,000, withdrawal limit is $2,000.
  • Surfer – weekly limit for investments is $7,000, withdrawal limit is $3,000.

More information about statuses you can find here

Portfolio is your invested amount, the part of company's financial assets which is managed by Crypto Brain traders. Each investor can create multiple portfolios.

Portfolios that you create in one day will summed in one. If portfolios are created on different days, they will be different, each with their own time.

To create portfolio sign into your account, choose a payment method and enter deposit amount, then click "Create a portfolio". The system will provide you Bitcoin address where you have to send exact amount of bitcoins. Go to your Bitcoin wallet and make such payment.

Bitcoin system requires at least 3 (three) confirmations of your payment to be credited. Same will be required to activate your portfolio in our system.
Detailed information about Bitcoin conformations you can find here

Contact customer support service and send your login, deposit amount and payment details to check.

Accruals always occur at the same time, at 14:00 GMT, Monday to Friday. Your profit is not accrued for partial days. In other words, if you have created a portfolio today, you would not receive today's accrual at 14:00, and accrual of profits will begin the day after the day of creation of the portfolio. Time until the next accrual of profit can be seen in the drop-down panel in the header menu. Next accrual in:

Our trust management principle is using your investment to trade with Crypto-Currencies. The average monthly income is from 30% to 50%, half of which - 15-25% - is accrued to investors. Cryptocurrency market allows to get more profit, but our strategy is intended primarily for the safety of funds.

Your profit is accrued on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, based on the results of trade and is on average 15% to 25% per month.

Earning profits happening in the currency, which was used at the opening of the portfolio.Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies accepted without conversion.

Your profit is accrued 5 days a week at 14:00 GMT, Monday through Friday.

This function enables you to add daily accruals to principal investment in your portfolio, increasing its daily and allowing to earn additional income. There is no fee for early withdrawal of auto reinvested funds from portfolio.

We don't require any fee when you withdraw profit.

You can sell your portfolio at any time, but take into account that withdrawal fee will depend on period of its work. To effectively manage assets Crypto Brain traders should have a certain trade balance.

Yes, the recommended investment period is 90 days or more. Given a fee for early withdrawal we recommend you invest during this period to avoid additional commission.

A fee for early withdrawal of funds from investment portfolio:
a) up to 60 days - 30%;
b) from 60 to 90 days:
- Withdrawal of up to 30% of the investment portfolio - 0%;
- Withdrawal amount from 30% to 50% of the investment portfolio - 10%;
- Withdrawal amount from 50% to 100% of the investment portfolio - 15%;
c) after 90 days - 0%.

The company has to charge a fee for early sale of portfolio for two reasons:
1. The funds of investors are part of trading deposit, which is divided between several company traders. When requesting for early withdrawal our traders have to close orders are often at a loss, this significant reduces current assets provided for further trade.
2. Company's affiliate program which helps us to promote and develop asset management services as well as to promote Crypto-Currencies, is formed by attracting investment. In case of their early withdrawal we have certain loss, as the company has already accrued and paid affiliate bonuses for these portfolios.You can learn more information about the commission for early sale of portfolio here.

You can make a request to sell portfolio any day. However, we recommend that you stick to the term of 90 days or more, in order to avoid extra fee for early withdrawal.

Contact customer support service - send your username and payment details to get prompt assistance.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Processing of withdrawal requests takes from 3 to 5 working days.

Our PR managers have developed a convenient and understandable system of partner rewards. Depending on the status, our partners can earn from the volume of investment and from the income of investors who were invited to his team.

More information about the affiliate program and bonuses you can find here.

Apply for trader status of Crypto Brain company you can here.

Company traders are working on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or 2-Step Verification) is a technology that provides identification of users through the combination of two different components. With Two-Factor Authentication on Crypto Brain you can protect your account with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone). Find out more here.

Our website is quite complex web application. As in any other software product errors are inevitable. We do our best to quickly fix all bugs and improve our website. You can send information about error you've found here. Depending on the severity of this error you can count on a certain reward.

Customer support service is available daily, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (GTM+4:00).
You can also get an answer any your question in our Facebook community or telegram.