I am Martin James, founder of an independently owned financial advisory company called Crypto Brain, Ltd.

Crypto Brain, Ltd is an International Financial Advisory company with offices in multiple jurisdictions over the world.Crypto Brain gives advise international expatriates to customers living all over the world.

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It is not every day that you come across a passionate and trustworthy financial advisory company. Crypto Brain provided you the helping hand to dream that much more and make that dream a possible reality. Thanks Crypto Brain!

Johnson. M.J.

Financial Times


A very professional financial advisory company, who is true to his word. Crypto Brain has demonstrated a high amount of integrity in the time I have known them, and they are fast to respond to my concerns. I feel that Crypto Brain is genuinely putting my financial gains before his own, a quality that comforts me in my investments.

Snow. J.R

BPW Global

Managing Director

In just 2 very short meetings with Crypto Brain they managed to find the solution personally catered to my situation and expectations. Punctual, well informed and very reliable.

Smith. T.M.

Risktec Solutions Ltd